The program will cover in total 4 module and 4 weeks, 20 days with 140 hours, 76 hours of theory and 64 hours of practice. Total ECTS credit point of this IP is sixteen. The fifty four % of these courses will be theoretical while the forthy six % will focus on practice. So it will be possible to bridge between theory and practice, and students will try to put the theoretical things they have learned into practice.

The program will involve some theoretical courses such as History and philosophy of disability sports, Laws, Policies, Human right and UN charter about disability sports, Accessibility and adapted equipment and Leadership training in disability sports, Paralympics school days, etc., and some practical courses such as main disability sports such as wheelchair basketball, tennis, soccer, goal ball, orienteering, swimming, kayaking, and rowling.

Module 1: 23rd - 27th June 2014

Module 2: 30th June - 04th July 2014

Module 3: 07 - 11th July 2014

Module 4: 14 - 18th July 2014