The aim of the project to strength the students in first cycle (BA) and second cycle (MA) to be leader who will serve for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports and recreation.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of this program, students are expected to have the following skills:
(1). Know the adaptation concept and apply to the material, program, sports environment,
(2). Know the rules and principles of disability sports,
(3). Have the necessary skills to teach disability sports to people with disability
(4). Be able to use different techniques teaching sports to people with disability
(5). Be able to use qualification system in disability sports
(6). Be able to apply “Paralympics Sports Day Program”
(7). Have experience to work with people with disabilities

Expected Results
METH01 Increased knowledge of the participants within a certain field and topic
METH04 Exchange of ideas and good practice
PR08 New curricula and qualifications
PR18 Handbooks
EUCO02 Transnational sharing of experience and best practice
EUCO03 Cross-cultural dialogue and co-operation
EXP01 experience gained by the project partners in the management and undertaking of (trans-national) partnerships
EXP02 Experience gained by individuals