Dear Professors & Students,

International Student Exchange Programmes is committed not only to improve students’ professional knowledge and skills, but also to contribute the development of an understanding of different cultures and new friendships.

I am sure that, the theoretical and practical lectures in the programme will provide inspirational experience for both to be an expert on educating/working with people with special needs and to develop new strategies about socialising the people with special needs.

Additionally, I hope all this experience will contribute to develop an understanding of the physical activity as a right, a profession and a science for the people with special needs, in your own countries.

Only this can improve the quality of lives of the people with special needs, and only this can supply the people with special needs, to join the sports as a human right.

I am proud of the professors and the students of Gedik University to host the programme that will build the cultural and professional cooperation to develop the awareness of “physical activity for people with special needs”, among the professors and the students in the international area.

I wish you will be pleased/satisfied to be part of this programme and visit Istanbul, a world city that exists for ages.

Have a successful and joyful month!

Prof. Berrak KURTULUŞ