aneta-yaneva-dukovaAneta Ianeva-Dukova (Bulgaria)

Assistant Professor at the department of Football and tennis, sector Badminton at the Coaching science Faculty of the National Sports Academy. Graduated from Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” in 1986 with Bachelor in Geography;

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in 1992 graduated from National Sports Academy, Sofia – Bulgaria with bachelor degree with professional qualification Badminton Coach and Physical Education Teacher. She obtained her doctoral degree (PhD) in 2006 at the National Sports Academy.
She has extensive experience in the field of sport:
National Badminton Player since 1986 – 1989; Head Badminton Coach of Sport Klub “Start” Sofia (since 1977 – 1998); Head Badminton Coach of the National Students Team, (since 1998); Head Badminton Coach at Badminton klub of National Sports Academy (since 2000); Head Badminton Coach at National Olympic Team of Deaf, (since 2010); Assistant professor at National Sports Academy since 1995.
In the area of sport for persons with disabilities she has experience as Coaching National Players as a National Olympic Deaf Badminton Team, Students National Team. In 2013 she was a member of the organising committee of the 22nd summer Deaflympics game held in Sofia.

irina-radevskaIrina Radevska (Bulgaria)

Chief expert at the center for European Integration and international matters at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria. Her expertise is in the field of evaluation of qualifications attainment, human resources training and qualification, innovation, R&D, intellectual property, education

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and training needs for SME, regional development policies and education, European policy in sport, human rights, and persons with disabilities.
Chief Expert in academic international relations, Quality assurance and harmonization with Bologna lines ; General Secretary – coordination within the universities members of the network; policy analyses preparation; scientific coordination, strategies development; participation in working groups and expert teams, delivering presentations and information dissemination; project preparation and implementation.
State expert – recognition of diplomas and educational documents; preparation of expert analyses and strategic documents; participation in WG in the field of employment and social inclusion; head of WG “Education and Training” for accession of Bulgaria to the EU; participation in inter sectorial WG and international working groups at EU level; international studies. Teacher and university lecturer – Lectures delivering:
1. European policies and practices in youth and sport (Master program NSA)
2. European programs for youth and sport (Master program NSA)
3. Latin language and medical terminology (Kinesitherapy Bachelor program, NSA).
Editor – Balkan Airline magazine; advertisement in tourist and in flight services

marina-toshkova-asenovaMarina Toshkova – Asenova (Bulgaria)

Head teacher of physical education and sport, following PhD program at the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria. Extensive educational background in the field of physical education and sport: Since November 2012- following PhD program in NSA – ” Pedagogy of Physical Education “

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– Researches in the field of adapted physical education in public education; 2008 – Master ” APA and sport for people with disabilities” – NSA ” Vassil Levski “; 2003 – lifeguard license – Bulgarian Red Cross; 2001 specialisation in advanced level- Paris , France -CFILC-Ecole de Langues; 1997 – aerobics instructor license , “Union aerobics ” – Bulgaria , ” Iowa sports “; 1994 – 1996 – Diploma degree – “Sports journalist ” – NSA” Vassil Levski “; 1993 – 1997 – Higher education-bachelor-physical education teacher and coach of alpine skiing ” – NSA” Vassil Levski “.
Currently she is teaching the curriculum in physical education and sport in the subject matter of hours , with students from 1-12 grade. Head of training and competition for student teams in football, volleyball , skiing, tennis, aerobics and fitness. Head teacher of methodological unificati on physical education , art , home and technology and music – organization of the educational and professional qualification process and extracurricular activities at school and out of school level , formulating and implementing projects in the field of physical education and sports.
In the area of sports for persons with disabilities her research interests are focused on specificity of teaching and training methodology and water safety in adapted aquatics.

mehmet-ozsariMehmet Özsarı (İstanbul Municipality)

Professional experience – Completing PhD program in Adapted physical activity at the National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. Working as condition coach of the swimming team of persons with disabilities at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sport Club.

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Also working as sport coordinator at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled rehabilitation.
Graduated from Gazi University Ankara – the Physical Education and Sports School with bachelor degree. Completed his master degree at the National Sport Academy, Sofia at the Master program of adapted physical activity and sport.
Research interests – aquatic rehabilitation of persons with disabilities with special focus on children with cerebral palsy at age 4-6 years old; recreational activities of children with disabilities; adapted football programs for persons with mental retardation.

Mirela Hristova (Bulgaria)

Assistant professor in the National Sport Academy, faculty of Theory and Methodology of the Physical Therapy since March 2012. Since June 2009 works also as a physical therapist in Medical center “Children with developmental problems” in Sofia.

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We have CP cases, genetic syndromes, kids with spins bifida, kids from the autistic spectrum, hyperactive kids and others.
Education: Graduated from master program in the year 2009. Bachelor degree in kinesitherapy of the National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski”, Sofia. Currently completing PhD program.
Participant in different exchange programs, as student and as a lecturer. In the last 3 years was lecturer in the EUDAPA program in Finland. With lectures about the physical, motor therapy with CP children. Also a lecturer at the DAPAW program, 2012 in Canakkale.

petya-kosevaPetya Koseva (Bulgaria)

Currently employed at the department of Tourism, alpinism, orienteering and snow sports at the National Sports Academy. Lecturer at bachelor and master level in the programs of adapted physical activity.
Educational background – bachelor in Physical therapy, master and PhD in

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adapted physical activity. Professional athlete in orienteering and currently coach in the sport club for orienteering “NSA-Siven”.
– There is a form of sport orienteering specially created for physically disabled persons-trail orienteering. Because of that, this sport is both physical and intellectual, but mentally disabled persons had no option to practice even in adapted form. I decided to work on that and to find proper way to include these persons in the pleasure and joyful activity – called orienteering. That was my topic for my PhD thesis-“Effect of adapted orienteering as a recreational sports activity for mentally disabled children”.

rositza-tzarovaRositza Tzarova (Bulgaria)

Full professor at the National Sports Academy, department of Basketball, Volleyball and Handball, currently heard of the Department. Graduated from the ‘G. Dimitrov’ Higher Institute of Physical Culture, majoring in physical education and curative physical culture (kinezitherapy now).

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After graduation, followed specialisation on coaching methods at the Regional Council of the Bulgarian Union of Physical Culture and Sport in Gabrovo. In 1971–1975 was following a post-graduate specialization at the‘G. Dimitrov’ Higher Institute of Physical Culture working on her Ph.D. thesis on the area of the basketball. Since 1976, is an assistant of basketball at the ‘V. Levski’ NSA. In 1981, defended her PhD thesis and in 1989 was elected as Associate Professor of basketball. 1993-1995 – Lecturer in Physical education and sport and Coach in Basketball in the High school of physical education – Casablanca (Morocco).
Other activities: Managed the Students’ Research Circle in Basketball; Director of Study of the Students’ Creative Research Club at the NSA; Director of studies of a great number of B.A. and M.A. courses and diploma works and Ph.D. theses.
Active leader at the Bulgarian Federation of Basketball: a member of the Research Committee, President of the License Committee and currently, Secretary of the Committee for Youths. Member of the NSA Academic Council (a forth mandate). Member of the Teachers’ Faculty Council and executive Head of the Basketball, Volleyball and Handball Department.
Research interests: issues of optimization and control on sports training of growing-ups and high sports performers in basketball; problems of the physical activities for individuals with special needs.
Since 2004 is a coordinator of the CEEPUS – international exchange program for mobility of the students and professors in the domain of the Adapted Physical Activities.
Coach of the national wheelchair basketball team and coach of the Special Olympics national team in Unified basketball.

stefka-djobovaStefka Djobova (Bulgaria)

Assistant professor at the Center for scientific and applied research in sport of the National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Education: Advanced academic degrees in Coaching sciences with sport profile “Sailing” and Physical Education (NSA, Sofia, Bulgaria);

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European Master Degree in Adapted Physical Activity (KUL, Leuven, Belgium); Postgraduate Specialisation in Psychomotor Therapy (KUL, Leuven, Belgium); PhD in sport from NSA.
Work experience: Qualified sport scientist with specialisation in disability sports. Other areas of research are psychosocial aspects of physical activity, health and fitness, ageing and physical activity, volunteering in sport. Lecturer in adapted physical activity on bachelor and master level and lecturer in psychomotor therapy.
Activities: Competitive sailor and sailing coach, organiser of adapted water sports camps for children with disabilities, winter sports for children with mental retardation and sailing camps for children with behaviour problems.
Projects experience: European collaboration projects in education (Erasmus Thematic Networks – THENAPA, THENAPA2, Joint Actions projects, Leonardo da Vinchi projects – Eurosport, TSC; Preparatory actions in sport -T4V).
Board member of Special Olympics Bulgaria and national coordinator of Special Olympics university project.

hana-valkovaProf. Hana VÁLKOVÁ (Czech Republic)

Background of the Study and Academic Degrees
From 1965 up to 1991: Palacký University in Olomouc or Charles University in Prague:

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– PE teaching, Czech and Russian languages, special education and psychology (sport psychology)
– Ph.D and full-professor in Kinanthropology
– Dean of Faculty (2003-2006)
– Founder of APA study in Czech Republic, coordinator of CEEPUS-APA international project consortium member for Erasmus-Mundus APA

Experience in research topics
– PE / APA curricula development, PE teacher personality
– The quality of life of persons with mental disability
– Integration through physical activities, sports, education

Recent membership in experts institutions
– IFAPA member, EUFAPA board,
– Czech Kinanthropology Association,
– Czech-Moravian Association of Psychology,
– FEPSAC member
– Czech chairperson of Special Olympics
– Grassroot Football (Disability Football panel) (1997-2005)
– Panel of volunteering (CZ EU presidency – Prague, Poland EU presidency – Wroclaw, invited)
– Erasmus-Mundus APA consortium board

Elly Friedman APA – ISAPA 2009

martin-kudlacekAssoc. Prof. Martin Kudlacek (Czech Republic)
Dr. Martin Kudlacek received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Kinesiology with emphasis on Adapted Physical Activity at the Texas Woman’s University under the supervision of Dr. Claudine Sherrill. His research interest focuses on the issues related to adapted physical education,

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the inclusion of students with physical disabilities, competencies of Adapted Physical Educators and conceptual issues related to the fields of adapted physical activity. From 2010 Martin serves as the president of European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. He is founding member of editorial board of European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity and member of editorial board of Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly. Dr. Kudlacek was actively involved in EU project EIPET (European Inclusive Physical Education Training) and served as coordinator of project EUSAPA (European Standards in Adapted Physical Activities). Apart from teaching in Czech Republic he has been teacher in two EU based study programs EMMAPA (Erasmus Mundus in APA in Belgium) and EUDAPA (European Diploma in APA in Finland).

Assoc. Prof. Martin Kudlacek

Department of Adapted Physical Activity

Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

zbynek-janeckaZbyněk Janečka (Czech Republic)

Background of the study

  • 2004 – Ph.D. Palacky University, Olomouc
  • 1996 – Charles University, Prague – Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, specialisation Mobility and orientation for the blind (O & M)

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  • 1987 – PaedDr. Palacký University, Olomouc
  • 1983 – PE teacher Palacký University, Olomouc
  • 1976 – high school Uherské Hradiště

Teaching practice

  • Expert – in programme of mainstreaming for clients with visual impairments. Professional lecturer in (O & M) for persons with visual impairments
  • Assistant Professor of APA department (APA and sport for visually impaired)
  • Head person of Czech Paralympics blind ski team
  • 1991 – up to this day – Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacký University, Olomouc, department of Adapted Physical Education – assistant Professor with specialisation for APA for the blind
  • 1986 – 1991 – Palacký University, Olomouc, Faculty of Education, department of PE for basic and special schools (athetics, cross-country, APA for the blind)
  • 1983 – 1985 – high school Lipník na Bečvou – PE teacher

Languages: English, Polish, Slovak, Russian

Other activities

  • 2010 – Spotr manager – Paralympics games in Vancouver 2010
  • 2006 – Chef of team – Paralympics games in Torino 2006
  • 2002 – Chef de mission Paralympics games in Salt Lake City 2002
  • 1996 – Up to this day Trainer of Czech blind ski junior team
  • 1994 – Vice-president of Czech Blind Sportsmen Association

jyrki-hamalainenJyrki Hämäläinen (Finland)

Doing together, getting to know – kick of for the studies in the spirits of inclusion.
In a new group we feel a lot uncertainty, feeling is even stronger in an inclusion group.

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We can easy that feeling by doing grouping activities, which all can participate.
Teacher, outdoor studies
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Physical Activity

jyrki-vilhuJyrki-Vilhu (Finland)
Jyrki Vilhu is a senior lecturer at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and the program manager of European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity program (EUDAPA) since 2009. EUDAPA is an unique program in Europe on APA. It brings together international

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students and teachers at the Vierumaki Campus. Each year, approximately 20 international students receive training from 20 international teachers in this program.
Jyrki Vilhu is also a member of the Physical Activity Committee at The Finnish Association for Mental Health since 1993. He has been serving as Finnish National Representative in several European networks (like THENAPA, Sport and Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities) since 1999. He has taught some courses related to adapted physical activity at the universities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Türkiye.

Professional experience
Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Physical Activity, Senior lecturer in Sports (adapted physical activity) since 1993-2008.
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Senior lecturer in Sports 1.8.2008 ->
Since 2009 the programme manager of EUDAPA (European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity) program.

Committees, Professional Activities etc.
The Finnish Association for Mental Health; member of physical activity committee since 1993-.
Member of committee of adapted physical activity in National Sports Council of Finland since 1995-.
Has been Finnish national representative in several European networks (like THENAPA, Sport and Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities) since 1999.

Publications, educational presentations
Since 2000 lecturer for DEUAPA (Diplome Europeen Universitaire en Activite Physique Adaptee). Topics: “APA and management, case Finland”. “Intellectual disability; related movements (SDM = Sherborne Developmental Movement for children with special needs)
2006. Count me in. Educational kit (book, dvd & cd-rom). One of the authors.
2001-2013 teaching apa-courses or giving lectures in universities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Turkey.

1990-1996 Coaching wheelchair basketball, 1990-1993 ToPo (Helsinki) and 1993-1996 YMCA Lahti (Finnish champions 1996).
2001-2004 Team manager of Finnish national sitting volleyball team (women) 2001-2004
Paralympics; Athens 2004, Torino 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Sochi 2014

Was graduated Master of Sciences in Physical Education at University of Jyväskylä, Finland, 1985. (started PhD twice on psychiatric disorders and physical activity…)

tiina-laihoTiina Laiho (Finland)

Professional experience
2008 – , Senior Lecturer in Sports, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
2004 – 2008, Senior Lecturer in Sports / Adult education coordinator, Lahti university of applied sciences, Lahti

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2002 – 2004, P.E. Teacher, City of Helsinki, Helsinki
2001 – 2002 Winter season, Private Ski instructor, Vail Resorts, Co (US)
1999 – 2001 Part time teacher, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences in Jyväskylä University

Professional Activities in Wintersports

Full certified international ski instructor (ISIA)
1993 – , Member of Finnish Ski-instructors association
1997 – 2002, Trainee in Finnish Ski-instructors association
Was member of trainee team, who built up an new ski-instructors training system
1997 – 2000, Member on Finnish Ski-Instructors demonstration team
Taught wintersports in Jyväskylä University, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Ski resort Pyhä (FIN), Vail SkiResorts (US)

2002, Master of Sciences in Physical Education at University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
1998, Sport instructor, Finnish Sport institute of Vierumäki, Finland.

Tiina Sihvola (Finland)

Professional experience
2008 – , Senior Lecturer in Sports, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences
2001 – 2008, Senior Lecturer in Sports, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti

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1991-2001, P.E. teacher, Sports Institute Pajulahti, Nastola

Professional Activities in dance, APA
1998, Studies in dance education (22 cr), University of Helsinki
2008, Psychomotricity as Support for Functional Capacity (30 cr), Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
2009 – 2013, Congresses of Psychomotricity (Germany 2009, 2011 and Spain 2013)
1992-, Studies in social dance, senior dance, finnish folk dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance
Taught dance and gymnastics in Sports Institute Pajulahti, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Gymnastic Club of Orimattila.
Taught psychomotricity in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
1992, Master of Sciences in Physical Education at University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

francesco-fischettiProf. Francesco Fischetti (Italy)

University certifications

  • 1982 – Master degree in Science of physical acitivities and sport in Foggia.
  • 1995 – Master degree in Pedagogy at the University of Bari.

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  • 1998 – Master degree in Phylosophy at the University of Bari

Post degree

  • 1996 – Post degree course in Family and Relational Psychotherapy at the University of Bari.
  • 1997 – Post degree course in Prevention of adolescent distress at the University of Bari.
  • 1999 – Post degree course in Social Psychology at the University of Bari
  • 2005 – Specialization in “Counselor in helping relationship” I level at MIUR U.S.R. of Puglia, Italy.
  • 2009 – Specialization in “Design and Management Applied Research at CONI Roma.
  • 2010 – Winner of competition for university researcher, Faculty of Medicine, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”

Didactic activity

Uninterrupted teaching in Italian universities from 1998 to this day

piero-portincasaProf. Piero Portincasa (Italy)
M.D., Internist, Ph.D. (Utrecht, NL)
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Selected as Full Professor (University of Bologna – 2010)
President of the Residency Program in Internal Medicine

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Member of the Apulian Academy of Science

Faculty Delegate of the LLP- ERASMUS programme

Honorary visiting Professor University Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

President European Society of Clinical Investication (ESCI) 2011-4

Honorary Member Romanian Soc Gastroenterology Hepatol (2011)

Staff Member, Head of Functional and Diagnostic Semeiology Unit, Clinica Medica “A. Murri” (Università Bari)

Vice-director Clinica Medica “A. Murri” 2010, 2011


To encourage excellent, honest, highly innovative and sound Science achieved through collaborations and mobility of young investigators across Europe and worldwide.

1981 – MD degree, University of Bari Medical School (cum laude)

1981-6 – 5-yr residency in Internal Medicine, University of Bari Medical School.

1985-7 – Fellowship (Italian Ministry of the University) as Research Fellow at University of London, UK (Gastroenterology Unit at Guy’s Hospital with Prof. R.H. Dowling)

1986 – Specialist in Internal Medicine, University of Bari Medical School

1987-91 – Research Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Bari Medical School

1991 – Academic staff member, Dept Internal Medicine, University of Bari Medical School

1993-5 – Researcher and staff member at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (Gastroenterology Unit with Prof. G.P. van Berge Henegouwen and Dr. KJ van Erpecum,).

1995 – PhD thesis at the Utrecht University on “Gallbladder and bile in health and disease. The role of motility, gallstones and bile lipid composition”.

1995-2000 – Academic staff member, Clinica Medica, University of Bari Medical School. In 1999 Fellowship at the University of Utrecht, Medical School, The Netherlands

2001-pres. – Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Bari Medical School, Dept of Internal Medicine and Public Medicine. Established Associate Professor (2004)

2005 – Fellowship from the Italian National Centre for Research (CNR), BIDMC, Boston, USA (Dr. DQH Wang)

2010 – Winner of the national competion as Full Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy (13.08.2010)

ssa-viviana-zitoProf. Ssa Viviana Zito (Italy)

  • From the year 2007 until nowadays
    S.A.M.S. University of Motion and Sport Science in Bari, Italy.
    Teacher of “Scientific English” and “Promotion of sport and leisure activities”

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– Interpreter at the International Meeting of MOC, Mediterranean Orienteering Championship
– Erasmus responsible at the University of Sport in Bari
– Professor ‘s assistant in Social Pedagogy at the University of Taranto, Italy

  • From the year 2010 until nowadays
    University of Motion and Sport Science in Foggia, Italy.
    Teacher of Methodology of sport, promotional and leisure activities”
  • From the year 1995 until nowadays
    Physical Education teacher in a high school in Taranto, Italy.
    Permanent teacher

– Project Manager of the “Comenius” between schools
– Project Manager of the “Native teacher s’ assistant”
– Responsible of the Sport Committee in the school
– Assistant in the organization of the sport tournaments between schools in Taranto
– Official Primary teachers’ trainer for Sport and Motion

  • From 03.01.03 to 31.08.04
    – Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst Institute of Sport Solvalla-Finns – Esbo – Finland
    – Teacher with a year contract in the Swedish Institute of Sport of Helsinki

– Teacher of gymnastic, acrobatic gymnastic, motion for elderly people, dances for children, teaching method, team building
– Mentor of students’ apprenticeship for the motion in the primary schools, elderly houses, home for the aged and swimming pools
– Teacher of summer courses for the university credits in salsa y merengue, circus activities, beach tennis and total body workout
– Teacher of motion for elderly people in the physiotherapy Institute “Arcada” in Helsinki
– Presenter in the annual “Health week “organized by the high schools of Helsinki
– Presenter in the Swedish Fitness Federation “SVoli” conventions

Note: As a resident in the Institute of sport, beside the teaching work I attended some courses as a student like: skiing, cross country skiing, orienteering, free climbing and forest survival course.

  • From 1995 until nowadays
    Instructor of Total Body Workout, Body sculpting, G.A.G., Gymnastic for elderly people, Gymnastic, for children.

– “Magna Grecia” gym in Taranto, Italy (2008-2009)
– “Fit Village” gym in Reggio Emilia, Italy (2004)
– “De Bartolomeo” gym in Taranto, Italy (2005-2007)
– Athena” gym in Taranto, Italy (1995-2001)
– “M. Ausiliatrice” gym in Taranto, Italy (1995-2001)

  • From 2004 until nowadays
    Official translator of the European Rope Skipping Federation (teaching method DVDs)
  • August 2010
    University of Sport in Petrosdavosk, Russia
    Lecturer of Gymnastic in couples, tonification in pairs and acrobatic positions
  • September 2010
    University of Sport in Montenegro
    Teacher in a Orienteering course for the University of Sport Students
  • From 2005 to 2006
    CIOFS/FS – Regional Projects sponsored by the Puglia region, Italy
    Teacher of Body communication
  • August 2006 and August 2008
    Vierumaki Institute of Sport of Helsinki – International Physical Education Conference
    Lecturer of Beach Tennis, Acrobatic Gymnastic and Human Pyramid
  • July 2005
    Institute of Sport of Ghent, Belgium- International Physical Education Conference
    Lecturer of Gymnastic in pairs and cooperation games in pairs
  • From 1995 until 2002
    “M. Ausiliatrice” Institute in Taranto, Italy.
    Physical education teacher in a high school

Dilara Özer, Ph. D (Turkey)

Prof., Gedik University, TURKEY – Coordinator of the Project Graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University, Department of Child Development and Education, Dilara Özer has completed her master’s degree on motor performance of preschoolers’ and her dissertation on motor proficiency of children with intellectual disabilities.

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She has been lecturing in motor development, adapted physical education and development and lecturing at the Physical Education Teaching Program. Specialized on motor development and APA, Özer has two text books on these respective subjects. She has presided the Association of Adapted Physical Activity, Turkey since 2009, date of its establishment and has been a member of the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) since 2007. She was the Middle-East Representative of IFAPA between 2007 and 2011. Dilara Özer has implemented an Erasmus Intensive Program with the title of “ The Development of Adapted Physical Activity in the World (DAPAW) 2012” in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and has organized ISAPA 2013 in Istanbul. She is full time professor for 2 years at Gedik University. 

Prof. Mehmet Ata Öztürk, Ph. D (Turkey)

Mehmet Ata Ozturk received his Physical Education Teacher degree from Middle East Technical University. While he was studying at the Florida State University for his master degree, he worked full time as a physical education teacher at Gretchen Everhart School – a special education school for individuals with intellectual challenges.

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At the time, he also volunteered at Special Olympics and local disability sports events. Dr. Ozturk received his Ph.D. from Indiana University with a major in adapted physical education and a minor in special education. During his course of studies, he took part in adapted physical education labs, gave adapted physical activity instruction at YMCA, and assumed leadership roles in student organisations. After graduating in 2007, he returned back to Turkey. Since 2008, he is lecturing at Marmara University, teaching several adapted physical education classes, disability sports, curriculum development, and research methods courses. From 2008 till 2011, he served as the coordinator of the Adapted Physical Education Minor Program and the Physical Education Teacher Education Graduate Programs. During his appointment, Dr. Ozturk had been the recepient of several grants from international organizational organisations like Bloomberg Philanthropies and World Lung Foundation. For these projects, he cooperated with organisations like World Health Organisation, International Union Against Tuberclosis and Lung Disease, and local authorities. Mehmet Ozturk is currently serving at IFAPA Board as Middle East Representative. He is also affiliated with the National Society of Physical Activity Practitioners in Public Health, and the Turkish Adapted Physical Activity Association.